We’re all mad here

Posted: January 20, 2014 in poetry
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Birds of a feather flock together and,

In much the same fashion,

Mad people gather.

We all wear Cheshire grins and swear

We don’t have an ounce of care,

But it’s only to hide that we do.

We care too much and too often.

We care about the wrong opinions

And waste our time trying to fix things in ourselves that

Were never wrong to start.

We laugh at our abnormalities

And pretend to not be insecure,

Even though our greatest fear is facing judging minds.

Sure we can joke and say life is a game and

We’re taking it one move at a time,

But what is a game without planning?

Anticipation and fear of the next unknown step?

We lie through our Cheshire Cat teeth,

Sharpened to points so when we smile

We hurt ourselves before anyone else can.


Those who smile often have something to hide

And those who smile brightest,

Hold the darkest secrets inside.


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